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Being Well

BEING-WELL – is a 4 Hour Program specifically designed to increase self-compassion and internal happiness there by increasing overall positivity,

Rewire your brain Program(also known as Resilience)

Rewire your brain program is the ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations. Rewire your brain offers practical training in skills, strategies and insights that help our resilience grow. This program is mainly designed for adults above the age of 17 including college students, corporate executives, and professionals as well as individuals seeking happy and stress-free life. We look at four key skills that raise our resilience: Visioning skills that strengthen our sense of purpose by helping us see, and then head for, the outcomes that attract us. Creative problem-solving skills that help us find a path through the obstacles in the way. Positive relationship skills that enhance our ability to find allies and draw in the support we need. Emotional intelligence skills that raise our capacity to work with our emotions, so that we can benefit from the guiding signals and energy they offer.