Why you should not enroll your kids in classes before the age

Everyone wants to make their kids master in everything and this everything includes sports, study, arts and craft, socialism and discipline. Well I hope you know that you are raising a kid! I am seeing many parents enrolling their kids in all the different classes like drawing, sports, singing, dancing, hand writing etc. and that too before the age of 4!!!

Years back, when I was looking for skating classes for my 4 years old daughter, the age criteria was above 5 years and now the age criteria is dropped down by 3 years!!! The same class that once gave me reason that the kids are not physically ready before the age of 5, now thinks that kids are ready to learn at the age of 3!!! Is it really this new generation that can do everything before the age or we (parents) who always think that our kids are ready? Truth is, It’s us who forced these classes to reduce the age criteria; It’s parents like you and me who want to see if our kids can learn at early age or not; It’s us who decided to give a try; So please take a pause, think twice, search for correct age on the internet and look down for the reasons why you should not enroll your kids to classes before the age:

Why you should not enroll your kids in classes before the age:

  1. Physically not ready: Every age has its own milestone. For example, at the age of 6 months your kid can sit by himself; at the age of 10 months they can stand and at the age of 1 year they can walk. Even if you try hard enough you cannot make them learn these things before the age (maximum you can earn 1 or 2 months) and the reason is only one that their body is yet to develop. Mind and body synchronization come up with the age and thus you should give them time. Don’t rush and wait for the correct age to enroll your kids into any activities.
  2. Mentally not focused: Just like their body their brain too is not ready. Little kids catch distractions very easily and so they don’t learn really. One-year learning of small kid is equivalent to 1 month learning of an age appropriate kid!!! So basically, you are wasting your time and money.
  3. Early enrolment can steal their interest: Most of the kids have short term interest. Very few kids do the same thing for longer run. So, if you will enroll your 3 years old kid in drawing and colouring, she may enjoy it that time but she won’t learn it properly (because of the age) and later she would lose her interest. So technically when you did not expect them to colour, they coloured better than their age but later they couldn’t. At 3 they couldn’t learn and now they lost their interest so actually instead of profit it is disadvantage.
  4. Creates copy: Every classes teaches one or another way to do the activity. Little kids are best explorer and that makes them more creative but when you enroll them in these classes, they try to copy others and lose their own innovative way. Kids those learned through classes at early age could be very good in things because of practice but would be less creative than normal one. They can create perfect copy of anything but they can’t create anything new.
  5. Don’t get time for age appropriate activity: There is always something to do at every age. if you enroll your kid in something different than their age, they will not get time to do the things of their respected age and so they will never enjoy or learn that activity. Utilize your kid’s time with age appropriate interesting activities than forcing them to overdo anything.
  6. Not independent: Kids younger than 4 years can stay without parents only for preschool but not for extra activities.  They crave for pampering; they crave for attention, they crave for your love and care. And so, they may cry and waste the time, money and energy for nothing. This may disturb other kids too. So simply back off and give your kids your time, your love and your care.

Actually, you should not enroll your kids in any classes before the age of 5 years but if you are running out of time you can enroll them in some enjoyable classes where they can sing rhymes or listen stories or can have some fun time with age appropriate activities. You can always send them in day care or get a babysitter for them.

The best recommendation for the kids younger than 5 is library (toys and books library).

Well, I know all the parents are worried about their kids’ future but trust me they will surely learn the things at the right age and make you proud but till then be patient and let them enjoy their childhood as things can be learn at any age but childhood won’t come again.

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