3S to stop bedtime battles

After dinner, I was winding up kitchen while my little girl went to get ready for bed. She brushed her teeth, dressed her up in pajama, read a story for herself, gave me good night kiss and went back to her room with night lamp. Sweet dream!!!

You might feel oh yes, this is what I want from my kid too. But trust me, it’s nothing more than a sweet dream. Your kid will surely do this by the age of 10 but before that adore your kid the way s/he is. Kids are not big enough to think this way and if they will, I am sure no parent will enjoy it. Just like “It is good to take a day off from office but not to leave a job permanently,” it is fun to see kids helping us now and then but not taking all the good care of them by themselves.

So, dream apart this is not going to happen and so as a parent it is our duty to put our kids on bed on time (before they get hyper). We know how tough it is and thus here we are providing you little help from us.

Every kid wants to play whole day and night and thus they won’t be ready to give up their play to sleep. But yes, with proper routine and love you can help them to understand that “this is sleeping time” and “there will be tomorrow to play.”

I would like to call it 3S to stop bedtime battles. I am following this for my daughter since last 7 years and its pretty comfortable.

  1. Slow Down: The first thing you need to tell your kid is “This is sleeping time” And that shouldn’t be the sound of “it’s sleeping time baby.” You must show it before the time and that too not by your words but by your
    I am talking about the environment which you should create to feel like sleeping time. We grownup can understand that by the moon light but for kids, it is not enough. You need to provide extra signals for the bed time.
    Like slow down. Slow down the surrounding noise. Switch off the TV or any loud music. Talk softly and slowly, Dim all the lights and take a short break to play family game which can give them rest. Avoid any activities that includes physical exercise. This will help their body to understand that it is tired now and so they will calm down.
  2. Soothing is important: Now you know they are calm, their body is relaxed, next step to ease up their mind. Bedtime bath is good option. Bath will help to soothe their body and mind. Always prefer pajamas for bedtime (night clothes should be worn in night times only to give the right impact on body and mind).
    Next is cuddle time. Show your love and read a story. It will be helpful if you can maintain the room temperature around 68 to 72 degrees, cold helps to sleep. When you are done with the story, give them a good night kiss, start soft music and leave them in their room with their favorite blanket or soft toy. They will surely fall asleep in few minutes.
    Trust me, this won’t take long but will surely help your kids to feel secure and safe.
  3. Say yes to 7: Sounds crazy? Yeah when I heard this for the first time I too felt the same! I literally asked “who sleeps at 7pm?” But when I tried to implement it, it really worked and still working perfectly.
    We always hear “Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise” but ignore to implement it. Most of the kids need at least 10 to 12hrs continuous sleep and if they won’t sleep at 7pm or latest by 8pm, there is no way they can complete their 12hrs sleep before 7am in the morning. Result lazy morning, late for school, late for everything and total mess of the morning instead of a comfy fresh start of the day.
    There are many other reasons to put your kids on bed at 7 PM like 1. It will give you Me Time when you are really tired after a long day. 2. You can spend time with your kid when they are really fresh and in their full charm. 3. Tired parents and tired kids can spend only quantity time not quality time. These are the 3S that I love to follow to adore the night towards a new start of the day. As I always say “Be Consistent” in whatever you choose for your kids. Routine helps them to understand the things and leads towards a confident life.

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